Mental Health Programme

Nearly a quarter of adults living in the WMCA are experiencing a mental health problem. They are influenced by social, economic, and physical environmental factors and social inequalities.

In 2015, there were 477 deaths recorded as suicide in the West Midlands which is 9.6 deaths per 100,000 population. Mental ill health is estimated to cost the NHS nearly £2 billion a year in the WMCA. Only about half of this represents the direct costs of treatment and care for people with diagnosable mental health problems.

Our programs are built on the principles of catalytic partnership and a rights-based approach. 

The charity promotes 3 key thematic areas which include Public & Personal Health, Socio-Economic Empowerment, and Human & Environmental Rights.

People with an increased risk of developing mental health problems and/or for whom access to effective help is problematic are:

Stakeholders & Donors

Inner City Life has partnered with stakeholders and donors to establish and operate a therapeutic counselling service. This includes a space from which we can offer beneficiaries struggling with mental health challenges with counselling services. The therapeutic counselling service is offered by a level 6 qualified practitioner, registered with BACP member with over 600 hours of experience. Since 2021, the wider local community has benefited and continues to benefit from our free counselling, pastoral and befriending interventions.

Between 2020 till date, over 224 people have benefited from our mental health interventions. In 2022, we have been able to support the mental health of over 90 people from diverse races, cultures and backgrounds.

Our beneficiaries include:
1. Prison Leavers
2. Migrants
3. Members of the BAMER community
4. Refugees
5. Homeless people
6. Drug abusers and addicts
7. Women &  Young adults

Inner City Life is always looking to expand the services and support that we are able to offer. We feel very strongly about the fact that it is vital that the services we have developed suit the needs of our communities, and are kept operational and running.

Mental Health Awareness Event

A mental health awareness event was organised at Edgbaston Palace Hotel on Thursday 15th May, the aims of the event were to educate vulnerable and disadvantaged people about mental health, reduce stigma, increase the understanding of mental health issues, to promote self care and healthy coping strategies.

To achieve this a mental health nurse with 20 years of experience was invited to the event as a motivational speaker to provide guidance and perspective. The theory and knowledge spoken about at the event was backed up with practical, interactive activities including breathing exercises , grounding techniques and metaphoric examples.

Attendees were given mental healthcare packages, the items in the packages were thoughtfully chosen and related back to mental health. For further support and guidance the attendees were given contact details for the mental health counselling service, where they would receive free counselling.