Help to Heal

Inner City Life has received funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to further our efforts in supporting the local community.

We will use the grant to help those most in need access essential food items, toiletries and PPE. Our support offer includes emergency food parcels, which are available from our centrally located site near the city centre, or available for home delivery.

Additionally, the funding has enabled us to extend and increase our therapeutic counselling sessions from 24 to 40 hours per month, as well as provide access to other wellbeing services including welfare advice, housing advice, applications assistance and pastoral support.

We recognise the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in great mental distress and have increased our efforts accordingly, by expanding our drop-in hours and staying open throughout the crisis.


At Inner City Life we offer free and confidential counselling sessions. Our counselling sessions are administered by a professional mental health counsellor.

Our counselling service is suitable for anyone experiencing mental health challenges.

The counselling service we provide addresses a wide range of needs including domestic abuse, sexual abuse, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, substance misuse, drug addiction, and alcohol dependence etc.

Our services are provided at no cost to you and are conducted by a level 7 qualified professional counsellor with a first-class degree in counselling theory & practice and a Master of Science with merit in Psychology.

Food Bank

Inner City Life provides a food bank service to those experiencing difficult circumstances such as homelessness, emergency and temporary accommodation and limited leave to remain.

We also deliver food parcels directly to those living in supported accommodation.

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Road To Recovery: For prison leavers

Inner City Life has a specialist project that helps prison leavers reintegrate into society and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. 

This project provides: 

  1. FREE Counseling and mental health services: Many prison leavers struggle with mental health issues and emotional trauma, which can make it difficult for them to reintegrate into society. Providing free counseling and mental health services helps them address these issues and improve their chances of success.

  2. Job training and employment programs: Helping prison leavers acquire new job skills and find employment provides them with a sense of purpose, financial stability, and reduce the likelihood of them turning to crime to make a living.

  3. Mentoring and support groups: Connecting prison leavers with mentors who have successfully reintegrated into society can provide them with guidance, advice, and a support system that can help them navigate the challenges of life outside of prison.